Early Topping

  • reduces the populations of insects, such as aphids and budworms that are attracted to the terminal bud and flower.
  • is easier than later topping, since stalk tissue is softer and much easier to break.
  • generally provides the best yield and quality at 10 to 25% bloom. 

Three Types of Chemical Sucker Control

  • Contacts - NOT absorbed by plants and must have direct contact with suckers and leaf axils, where they physically burn tender suckers. Examples are Off-Shoot-T, Royaltac, Royaltac-M, Fair-Tac, Fair 85, Sucker-Plucker, and Antak.
  • Local systemics - MUST have direct contact with leaf axils; ARE absorbed into the plant; Inhibit cell division.  Examples are Butralin, Prime+, Flupro, and Drexalin Plus.
  • Systemics - Do not have to come into direct contact with suckers; ARE absorbed by the plant; Inhibit cell division. Maleic hydrazide (MH) is the only true systemic product available for sucker control in tobacco. MH products are available in three formulations:
    • Royal MH-30, Super Sucker-Stuff, Fair Plus (1.5 lb MH/gal)
    • Royal MH-30 Xtra, Sucker-Stuff, Fair 30 (2.25 lb MH/gal)
    • Royal MH-30 SG, Sucker Stuff 80EG, Fair 80SP (dry formulation containing 60% MH by weight).
      A mixture of MH at a reduced rate in combination with a local systemic is generally a better choice than MH alone.

Chemical Topping Burley Tobacco