1. Tobacco Extension Personnel at UK CAFE

    Dr. Bob Pearce, Burley Tobacco Production

    Dr. Andy Bailey, Dark Tobacco Production

    Dr. Eric Walker, Burley Tobacco Production

    Dr. Emily Pfuefer, Plant Pathology

    Dr. Lee Townsend, Entomology

    Dr. Will Snell, Agricultural Economics

    Mr. Larry Swetnam, Plant and Soil Sciences

Burley Tobacco Production Research

Tobacco sprayer and artificial plants

Sucker Control Applications

Artificial tobacco plants were used to collect spray to optimize sucker control application methods.

No-till Tobacco Transplanter

Conservation Tillage

A modified tobacco transplanter is used to plant tobacco transplants into a killed winter wheat cover crop.

Chemically Topped Burley Tobacco Plant

Chemical Topping of Burley Tobacco

Chemical topping is being investigated for the potential to reduce labor needs at topping time.