Field Site Selection

Several years before you plan to use it, select a tobacco production site based on proper soil drainage, fertility, pH, weeds, rotational requirements, conservation compliance, herbicide carryover, irrigation, etc.

Cover Crops

Benefits of winter cover crops are well documented:

  • protect soil from erosion losses
  • scavenge leftover nutrients
  • add organic matter when plowed under

Avoid Soil Compaction in Conventional Tillage

These roots show distinct symptoms of soil compaction.  Note the flattened appearance of the bottom, protrusion of the transplant root ball, and limited new root growth from the lower portion of the root ball.

Conservation Tillage

Advantages of conservation tillage include reduction in soil loss, mulch layer holds moisture and may keep the leaf cleaner by reducing mud splash, less time and fuel used in field preparation.

No-Till Tobacco